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While We Were Lost in the Eraserhood: Music News We Missed

While we were busy, lots of great music got released. And we're pretty sure that Cut Copy was influenced by this Estevez/Sheen gem. Wait, what Men at Work were you talking about?

We were a little busy the past 10 days or so: doing a week of posts on David Lynch, getting hacked, scheduling a trip to check out San Fran and Portland’s music scene, and planning a show in Philly on March 19th (more details shortly). So we missed a few releases and tidbits. To sum up:

  • TV on the Radio announced a new album, Nine Types of Light, though no release date yet. This A) makes our list of most anticipated releases of 2011 hopelessly outdated and B) makes 2011 absolutely jam-packed with tremendous releases. Year end lists are officially going to be a clusterfuck.
  • Destroyer’s album, Kaputt, was a pleasant surprise. Who knew this much ’80s sax could lead to one of the best releases of the young year? The 4/4 show at the First Unitarian with War on Drugs is a show not be missed.
    Destroyer, “Kaputt” [Buy]
  • Cut Copy released an album that’s kind of all over the place (including Men at Work territory, below). And we’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Worth checking out.
    Cut Copy, “Take Me Over” [Buy]
  • LCD Soundsystem announced a final show at MSG on 4/2. Oh, and the pre-presale sold out in about four seconds.
  • Iron and Wine released an album that, while uneven, has some amazing moments. And is way, way, way more funk and Elton John-influenced than we would have predicted.

    Iron and Wine, “Me and Lazarus” [Buy]

  • Pitchfork continued to befuddle me with their love for James Blake. Update: I, and my half-assed listen of James Blake, was wrong. This album is growing on me like Ebola.
  • Hercules and the Love Affair released an album that did not live up to our ranking them in our most anticipated list. As did John Vanderslice.
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LCD Soundsystem Knows All of What I Want

I reached for Noise Narcs’ post function within the first bar of “All I Want.” LCD Soundsystem doing a motorik beat? Instant sale.

I wasn’t that enthralled by “Drunk Girls,” the first leaked track from This Is Happening, but this song really does have everything I want. Motorik beat? Check. The dance-pathos of “All My Friends”? Check. “Heroes”-checking guitar? Check. An amazing, haunting, synthesizer that explodes daintily at the 2:53 mark? Check. Acts as an objective correlative to my excitement over a move to a new part Philly? Check, oh my yes, check.

LCD’s website has set up a free stream of the album pre-release, and I’ve got ants in my pants to finish this stupid post so I can go listen to it.

And I couldn’t mention motorik without posting the masters themselves, Neu! Drop these two songs on your mp3 player and start walking: odds on that 15 minutes later, you’ll wake up and find yourself in a completely foreign part of your supposedly well-known metropolis. Dig that beat.

LCD Soundsystem, “All I Want”
Neu!, “Hallo Gallo”

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