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Not the Dog’s Dick Way

After this post, I’m going to go in hibernation until I finish up compiling Noise Narcs’ top ten lists. But Atlas Hunter/Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox’s top ten list for Pitchfork roused me to a release that passed me by. Baltimore’s music scene needs no fresh defense, but the Lower Dens smokey psychrock on Twin-Hand Movement mounts one anyway. A simmering vibe with Jana Hunter’s PJ Harvey-esque voice bubbling up from the shoegazing depths.

The Italian profanity “alla cazzo di cane“, which literally translates as doing something the “dog’s dick” way,” idiomatically means doing something shittily. But there’s nothing about the Lower Dens’ “A Dog’s Dick” that’s done alla cazzo di cane. That said, “Truss Me” is the standout (see Clumsy and Shy for that track).

Lower Dens, “A Dog’s Dick” [Buy]

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