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Names, names, names: Kurran and the Wolfnotes

Got an email from a PR person last week, addressed to Robin, asking me for a response to an email he had sent last week about Kurran and the Wolfnotes. I was indignant. How dare he send me, the all important music blogger, an email meant for somebody else? Doesn’t he know that Noise Narcs gets literally TENS of emails a month? And another indie band with “wolves” in the title? Seriously? Why not just add a “fox” in there?

And so I sent off a polite but curt note letting him know his (completely innocent) mistake. And then I clicked on the link and hit play. And it was a wonderful piece of pop-folk, very much in the vain of Midlake‘s “Roscoe.” The single from the London-based quintet is available for pre-order via Rough Trade. Call me Robin.

Kurran and the Wolfnotes, “Your Four Limbs”

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