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Eating Lehigh Valley Crow: Headless Horseman

A month ago, after Chris T posted on Bethlehem’s Musik Fest, I made a post (joshingly) calling Lehigh Valley out as Philly’s musical backwater.

Luckily, my pallet for crow is excellent, as fresh from the Noise Narcs inbox comes Headless Horseman, a duo originally from Allentown, now half-living in New York. They assure me that they are not part of the New York Times‘ famed Lehigh Valley-to-New York commuters (a trend as made-up as their anointing Philly as the 6th Borough), although they’ve had their “fair share of riding the Bieber Bus between atown and NYC.”

Even though they’ve made the seemingly inevitable indie move to Brooklyn (where they’ll soon play their first gig, opening for Animal Collective’s Avey Tare, details below), their EP was finished in Allentown. That seems appropriate. After all, the duo claims as their own a little island outside Darktown, which the All Knowing Internet describes as “an abandoned village with the Delaware Indian name of Hockentaqua. … Close by is an area the locals call ‘The Alamo.’ As you approach it, you’re supposed to hear strange noises and see eerie lights.” Their music bears out this woodsy-eeriness meets the digital age meme. If this is what the Lehigh Valley sounds like, I’ll gladly eat that esteemed valley’s crow.

Noise Narcs bonus points for the yuckyuck file pun for a song title.

Headless Horseman, “Wavlngth” [Stream/Buy]

Saturday September 24th, 2010 @ Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Avey Tare (of Animal Collective) DJ, Crocodiles and Kria Brekkan (formerly of Mum)

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Bears in Heaven, Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Johnny Brenda's, PHL, tonight

Bear in Heaven +
Cymbals Eat Guitars, 3/5,
Johnny Brenda's,
Philadelphia, PA,

What to drink:
PBC Kenzinger (50°+ outside!)

A few of the Narcs (Chris and the silent Kandace) are going to the slamming dual bill of Bear in Heaven/Cymbals Eat Guitars tonight. Overhyped New York bands slum it in Philly? You know how we do.

Cymbals Eat Guitars are from the sixth borough of New York, Staten Island (Philly’s taken the fifth spot). Could we call them an even more distorted Pavement? We could. But we’d be lame if we did. “Like Blood Does” is the final track from the final track from 2009’s Why There Are Mountains. It’s also the best track, so I pretty much just ruined the whole album for you.

Cymbals Eat Guitars, “Like Blood Does”

Bear in Heaven are from Brooklyn? With a name like that? With that ’80s meets indie meets psychadelia meets ?!? sound? Who could’ve know? Snark aside, 2009’s Bear Rest Forth Mouth is pretty spellbinding. “Lovesick Teenagers” is a standout among standouts. It seems to build and crescendo, but it never does: constantly resolving, never resolved.

Bear in Heaven, “Lovesick Teenagers”

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