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Philly Is Busy Pitchforkin’ Somethin’

The past week was a pretty good one for Philadelphia on the ol’ ’Fork. First, on Friday, Philly uber-cute husband and wife duo Reading Rainbow got a seriously enthusiastic 7.7 review for Prism Eyes, which runs tight, soaring ’60s psych-pop through the garage (or, as they call it “blown-out sonic love”). How uber-cute are they? Watch this Shaking Through video to see Rob Garcia introduce the band: “Sarah and I are married, and she’s my best friend, and I love her.” Yep: baby monkey riding a pig cute.

Opener “Wasting Time” is the standout and has garnered a spot on my list of songs about laziness. Still on top? The unbeatable Beach Boys tune, “Busy Doin’ Nothin’.”

Reading Rainbow, “Wasting Time” [Buy Prism Eyes]
The Beach Boys, “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” [Buy Friends]

Then on Tuesday, Birds of Maya member (and high school classmate of mine) Mike Polizze scored a 7.4 for his solo band Purling Hiss’ Public Service Announcement. PSA is a whirlwind tour of warped sound. A Kurt Vile cassette played under a magnet would be a good starting place. In a good way.

Purling Hiss, “Don’t Even Try It” [Buy Public Service Announcement]

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Pitchfork gives Kanye’s new album a 10

Today, Pitchfork gave Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a 10.0. Considering that, if Wikipedia is to believed, they’ve only given nine non-reissues a 10 since they opened shop in 1995, that’s a big deal, whether you agree with their tastemaking qualifications or not. I mean, they only gave a music a 6.8.

I’ve listened to it once through, and I’m cautiously optimistic about Pitchfork‘s crowning of this album as great. It’s certainly the first hip hop album in a very long time without a bad track. But a 10…

As a result, the record comes off like a culmination and an instant greatest hits, the ultimate realization of his strongest talents and divisive public persona. And since the nerd-superstar rap archetype he popularized has now become commonplace, he leaves it in the dust, taking his style and drama to previously uncharted locales, far away from typical civilization.


Kanye West, “Monster (ft. Jay-Z, Bon Iver, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj)”

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Noise Narcs Promise (Whistling): White Fence

Pitchfork has started a new mega-blog, Altered Zones, which is taking posts from some of the best music blogs* focusing on “small-scale DIY music.”

And hey, there’s a neat song that involves whistling on it. I know nothing about White Fence, so go ahead Weekly Tape Deck:

While best recognized for his work as the frontman for Darker My Love (and as the background singer for The Strange Boys), it’s Tim Presley’s solo exploits that have been keeping our phono needles busy. His debut under the moniker White Fence is absolute ramshackle-scatterbrain-chaos, revealing an equal affinity for the acid-soaked psychedelia of Syd-era Floyd and the noise-caked post-punk of The Fall (see Reformation Post TLC).

Indeed. I’m hearing yogi-era Beatles on this one. And most importantly: brief whistling at the minute mark. Promise-keepers!

White Fence, “I’ll Follow You”

* with more than three readers, which is the only reason we didn’t qualify.

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More Philly love from Pitchfork? Hot Diggity Dr. Dog!

Only days after facilitating a trade of Matt Pond PA to New York, Pitchfork lowers themselves to the sixth borough’s level to give Dr. Dog a somewhat backhanded but respectable 6.7 for Shame, Shame. Take a listen on Lala and leave you own backhanded compliments in the comments.

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