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Turn Our Brains Off and File under Poptastic

I can’t believe people are still going on about M.I.A. “fighting the power,” because while her recent release offers some great pop tracks, they are more variations on a trend than groundbreaking excursions into new musical terrain.

And her lyrics offer no insight:

“I’ll throw your shit in your face when I see ya cause I got something to say. I was born free.”

“Connected to the Google, Connected to the government.”

“You want me, cause you’re tweeting me like tweety bird on your Iphone.”

M.I.A. waxes politically against “the Google” and the “Iphone,” and then casually refers to being tweeted by a man with an Iphone who wants her. I’m confused.

But confusion aside, this album is filled with some adept pop songs. So I think we should turn our brains off  and  file this one under poptastic.


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