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Philly Is Busy Pitchforkin’ Somethin’

The past week was a pretty good one for Philadelphia on the ol’ ’Fork. First, on Friday, Philly uber-cute husband and wife duo Reading Rainbow got a seriously enthusiastic 7.7 review for Prism Eyes, which runs tight, soaring ’60s psych-pop through the garage (or, as they call it “blown-out sonic love”). How uber-cute are they? Watch this Shaking Through video to see Rob Garcia introduce the band: “Sarah and I are married, and she’s my best friend, and I love her.” Yep: baby monkey riding a pig cute.

Opener “Wasting Time” is the standout and has garnered a spot on my list of songs about laziness. Still on top? The unbeatable Beach Boys tune, “Busy Doin’ Nothin’.”

Reading Rainbow, “Wasting Time” [Buy Prism Eyes]
The Beach Boys, “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” [Buy Friends]

Then on Tuesday, Birds of Maya member (and high school classmate of mine) Mike Polizze scored a 7.4 for his solo band Purling Hiss’ Public Service Announcement. PSA is a whirlwind tour of warped sound. A Kurt Vile cassette played under a magnet would be a good starting place. In a good way.

Purling Hiss, “Don’t Even Try It” [Buy Public Service Announcement]

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