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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Tom Waits, and Darlene Love

It’s not much of a secret that there are some Tom Waits fans here at Noise Narcs.  Most surprising to me about Waits’ recent induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is finding out that he plays Rock and Roll.  Usually I just categorize him as “Tom Waits.” But where’s the Hall of Fame for that?  Where’s the Jazz-Blues-Eastern-European-Folk-Avant-Opera and Nightmare-Hobo-Cookie-Monster Hall of Fame for that?

Check out Terry Gross’ great and hilarious recent interview here:

GROSS: Well, what was your first instrument?
Mr. WAITS: I don’t know. I don’t know, probably a box or something.

Tom Waits, “Step Right Up” [Buy Small Change]

Tom Waits, “Misery Is the River of the World” [Buy Blood Money]

Other inductees include Leon Russell (featured on Noise Narcs here) listed as a “sideman” and Darlene Love, whom you may not have heard of–in spite of her prolific career–because of stories like this from her Hall of Fame bio:

Among rock cognoscenti, Love is best known for “He’s a Rebel,” a song credited to the Crystals that was in actuality sung by Love and her vocal group, the Blossoms. The reason for this odd situation has to do with the record’s producer, Phil Spector. He instinctively knew that the song, written by Gene Pitney, would be a hit. But he couldn’t record it with the Crystals, his main recording group at the time. They were back home in Brooklyn while he was out in Los Angeles, impatient to get the song recorded before a competing version (by Vicki Carr) could gain momentum. So he cut “He’s a Rebel” with the Blossoms, crediting it to the Crystals because he wanted a recognizable name on the record and they had two recent hits (“Uptown” and “There’s No Other [Like My Baby]”).

The Crystals, “He’s A Rebel” [Buy The Sound of Love: The Very Best of Darlene Love]

And here you’ll find the full induction list for 2011.

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Minute Music: Buddy Holly, "True Love Ways"

The other day, when I heard about these two artificially conceived pandas born in Spain last month, I became suddenly irritable and said, “Why should we care about pandas?  What’s so great about them?”

In response, my more level-headed girlfriend said “this is why” and showed me this series of commercials selling cheese in Egypt:

Since Noise Narcs is a music blog, here’s Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways” in full:

Buddy Holly and the Crickets, “True Love Ways” [Buy 20th Century Masters: The Best of Buddy Holly]

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