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(Sorta) Sunday Church Music: RIP Solomon Burke (1940-2010)

The news has been all over the internet today.  We lost Patrick Swayze not much more than a year ago, and today we lost Solomon Burke, whose “Cry to Me” provided the soundtrack to some unforgettable (and un-embeddable) dirty dancing.  On the bright side, it looks like Baby’s still got it on Dancing with the Stars.  I dare say she will make it to the top three.

Burke was born in West Philadelphia and is survived by 21 children, 90 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.  He died of natural causes in an Amsterdam airport this morning.  His most recent album, Hold on Tight, which was produced with De Dijk, was released in Europe October 1.

I’m going to share two tracks with you.  The second is from that most recent album and is a fun track with strong horns, but the first, “Flesh and Blood,” will knock you for a bit of a loop.  It’s from the highly, highly recommended Don’t Give Up on Me (2002), the album that jump started his career for a new century and made this last decade of his life perhaps his most prolific one.

Solomon Burke, “Flesh and Blood” [Buy Don’t Give Up On Me]

Solomon Burke & De Dijk, “Text Me”

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