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Show Reminder: Wednesday: Bear in Heaven & Sun Airway now includes Twin Shadow!

Bear in Heaven w/ Twin Shadow and Sun Airway, 11/17, Johnny Brenda's

Back in September, I babbled enthusiastically about this Wednesday’s show with Bear in Heaven and Philly’s own Sun Airway at Johnny Brenda’s.  Since then,  Sun Airway’s pulled a very favorable 7.8 review from Pitchfork and Noise Narcs favorite Twin Shadow has been added to the bill. I’ve got nothing else to say but “God damn.”

Bear in Heaven, Twin Shadow, and Sun Airway
Wednesday, 11/17/2010, Doors/Show: 8/9PM
Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
Buy Tickets (Advance/Day of: $10/12)

Bear in Heaven, “You Do You” [Buy]
Sun Airway, “Oh, Naoko” [Buy]
Twin Shadow, “Tyrant Destroyed” [Buy]

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This Is Philadelphia

If the number of posts I’ve written about Philly’s Sun Airway makes me seem like a bit of fuanboy, so be it. Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier drops this week and it’s available on MOG (free 14 day trial) right now. Back in March, I called it my most anticipated Philly release of 2010, and it’s been worth the wait: a stunning debut. Let’s say for comparison’s sake that Radiohead’s millennial music evoked the coldness of the technological age, then Sun Airway’s music is the age’s warm, swaddling embrace.

And this video for “Put the Days Away,” perfectly captures the beauty of a homecoming bike ride in Philly’s dark streets. Somehow makes me miss Philly, even though I’m in Philly as I type. It’s that kind of video: negative capability-inducing. Also: pretty girl on a bike.

Sun Airway, “Put the Days Away” [Buy]

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Upcoming Shows I Can't Wait For: Bear in Heaven/Sun Airway

Back in March, I saw Bear in Heaven take the undercard for Cymbals Eat Guitars at Johnny Brenda’s. A few notable things happened:

1.) WXPN favorites Freelance Whales lived up to their name: intolerable, unforgivable cuteness.
2.) Bear in Heaven stole the show outright. Absolutely incredible. Seriously vying for my favorite live performance of the year. I liked the album going in; I loved it going out.
3.) So stunned by the Bear in Heaven show, especially their Animal-like drummer, I stumbled to the bathroom and struck up a conversation with a stranger. “So, which band are you here to see?” Note to self: Don’t ask the lead singer of the headlining band that.

In June, I saw Sun Airway play a set at Johnny Brenda’s. Two notable things happened:

1.) They played well but only a few songs.
2.) Their projected visuals, from Klip Collective (see above), were amazing.

How’s the math go? 3 + 2 = 6? New WXPN blog The Key just announced that Sun Airway, with an upcoming album’s worth of material, will be opening for Bear in Heaven at Johnny Brenda’s on November 17th [Buy Tickets]. Circle of life. WXPN, consider yourself forgiven for Freelance Whales.

Previously posted:
Bear in Heaven, “Lovesick Teenagers” [Buy]
Sun Airway, “Waiting on You”

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Sun Airway, Johnny Brenda's, Philly, 6/24

Sun Airway,
Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
What to drink: Keep it sunny with a Victory or Troegs Pils

Philadelphia’s Sun Airway, whom I’ve mentioned twice so far (and whom I’ll keep mentioning until you all acknowledge their awesomeness), are playing their first show ever on Thurday at Philly’s Johnny Brenda’s. I’m on vacation the next day, so you best believe I’ll be there, excited (and beer=ed) as all get out. Oh, and they’ve tripled to a sextet. And there’s gonna be projections.

And if you don’t come, I’ll just put up a review of the show, so you best shut me up and be there.

Nothing new but to summarize:

Sun Airway, “Waiting on You”
Sun Airway, “Oh Naoko”
Sun Airway, “Put the Days Away”

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Sun Airway album announced

Previously raved about Sun Airway has announced the title for their debut album, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier, and leaked the first song. I’m excited.

Sun Airway, “Put the Days Away”

A few weeks ago, they posted a video for another song from the album:

Sun Airway “Infinity” from klipcollective on Vimeo.

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Dreaming of Philadelphia Sun (or: It's Always Sun Airway in Philadelphia)

Philadelphia’s Sun Airway released my second favorite EP, Oh Naoko, of 2009 (a surprisingly close second behind Animal Collective’s Fall Be Kind). And according to their latest Facebook status, they’re “99.99%” done their debut LP, which is my most anticipated Philadelphia release of 2010. (Although, if Man Man’s record drops this year, that’d be a bleacher brawl worthy of a Mets-Phillies 10 cent beer night.)

Sun Airway are two members of the The A-Sides, who released two albums that got a lot of “Beatles-esque” tagging before disbanding after 2007’s Vagrant release, Silver Storms. I liked Silver Storms well enough on the whole, but when push comes to shove, it was really all about one song for me, “Cinematic.”

Sun Airway and their EP are a whole other ballgame: I’m thoroughly enthused about each and every track. Glimmering dream pop that is familiar and enveloping: like a slightly peppier Beach House (“Oh, Naoko”) or as if Animal Collective decided to flash just a smidge more of the picture perfect pop songs underneath the noise (“Your Moon”). Oh, did I mention that the EP is offered free on their website? Go get it now: it’s a sun-kissed treat, and with the clouds and snow Philly’s been seeing lately, it’s a welcome one.

Below find the surprisingly non-John Lennon-biting “Oh, Naoko” and the longing “Waiting on You,” as well as The A-Sides’ “Cinematic.” You might also want to check out the videos of Sun Airways’ Jon Barthmus performing accoustic at Philly’s Art in the Age gallery/boutique.

Sun Airways, “Oh, Naoko”
Sun Airways, “Waiting on You”

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