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The Antlers new track, “Parentheses”: The opposite of slight

I initially fell in love with The Antlers’ Hospice, but its emotional tug fell off for me after repeated lesson. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my taste in music has been affected by my life situations: music that’s too slight (overwhelmed by the subway) or too harsh (too distracting for work, etc.) tends to get unfairly minimized. And Hospice‘s fall from my good graces was likely the result of that sort of unfair squeeze; no matter how beautiful it was, it was just too slight for what’s going on with my life.

This new track, “Paanetheses” [via Pitchfork], however, won’t fall prey to that. Pulling a major, major page from the last couple of Radiohead albums, it ups the ante with a Greenwood-esque guitar and Selway-esque drums. To be honest, this is as good as, if not better than, most of King of the Limbs.

Keep an eye out for The Antlers’ May 10 release of Burst Apart.

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