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The Lightning Bug Situation’s Right Words

WXPN’s The Key points us to Philly-via-San-Fan-via-Lancaster‘s  The Lightning Bug Situation, which brings me back to seventh grade and my English teacher’s Mark Twain words construction-papered on the bulletin board: “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”  Well, The Lightning Bug Situation have found the right sounds, at least for my welldocumented need for gentle music on Monday mornings.  Their first Philly album, Call, is full of minimal electronic/folkpop pairings that evoke Iron and Wine, José González, and the softer side of Yo La Tengo. Confidential to Lightning Bug: we welcome your return, but the lyric “running through the city with the iPod in your hand” better be about Philly. Too gorgeous a song to be about the land of Giants. East-Coast-vs-West-Coast beef!

The Lightning Bug Situation, “For Nancy, with a Bruised Heart” [Buy]

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