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If we had counted the votes for top ten tracks of 2010

If we had counted the statistically insignificant and scattershot votes for our top ten favorite tracks of the year, that list might have looked something similar to the below. Of course, if we had counted those votes and found out that one of our top ten tracks was The National’s execrable “Bloodbuzz, Ohio” (which, coincidentally, just popped up on HypeM: my computer is now going into the trash), I would have immediately shut down this site and and bought thismusicsucks.com. Thank God we didn’t count those votes.

10: The Walkmen, “Stranded” (12.3 points; 1 votes)
09: Deerhunter, “Desire Lines” (12.4 points; 1 votes)
08: The National, “Bloodbuzz Ohio” (12.5 points; 2 votes)
07: LCD Soundsystem, “All I Want” (13.9 points; 1 votes)
06: Phosphorescent, “The Mermaid Parade” (14 points; 2 votes)
05: Arcade Fire, ” Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains” (14.2 points; 3 votes)
04: Surfer Blood, “Swim” (14.5 points; 2 votes)
03: Arcade Fire, “We Used to Wait” (16.6 points; 2 votes)
02: Kanye West, “Monster” (17.3 points; 2 votes)
01: Kanye West, “Runaway” (18.1 points; 2 votes)

The real list of albums is still here:

Oh, on a completely non-list note, a look at my personal top albums and tracks will clarify whether I’m an expert on electronic music (nope), but this new track by Deadmau5 is hot.

Deadmau5, “Right This Second”

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1-Down: The National

My relationship with Ohio’s double brother band The National has been up and down. I fell in love with “Mr. November” when I heard it on the radio, but only liked half of Alligator. At first I disliked Boxer but then really, really warmed to it.

Then, about a year ago, I saw them live at the Electric Factory. Awful. To be fair, the Electric Factory is a poor choice of venue for their postured maudlin sound, but it was by far the worst concert I saw in 2009. “Limp” is the only way I can think to describe their show. My brother and I, in an attempt to salvage their catalog for ourselves, agreed to pretend that we had never gone to see that show. “The National? Like their albums, but never had the chance to see them live. What was I doing on May 29, 2009, you say? Before I answer that question, let me show you something in this dark alley.” That’s the lengths we’d go to to not think about that show: coldblooded murder.

But the lead single from their new album, “Bloodbuzz, Ohio,” brought it back in a Vietnam flashback. “I still owe money to the money to the money I owe” is the best lyric. So topical! So good! Let me show myself something in this dark alley [gunshot].

The rest of High Violet is better. But not by much. And the sound is so well-worn that I’m not sure I’d notice if you subbed one of their songs from a previous album. Maybe it’ll grow on me like Boxer did, but, really, at this point, why would I let it?

But hey. “Afraid of Everyone” is a good song. Neat guitar sound. I dig. Maybe I should see them live someday…

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