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Happy Post-Monday!

Don't the Sunbirds look sunny?

Today Rdio gifted me the Sunbirds, whose EP River Run is filled with great melodies, lyrics, and an indie rock beat. The band members apparently hail from London, L.A., and France, and people are claiming they can hear this in the music’s eclecticism, and maybe they can.

Rdio also recently exposed me to a band I’m not sure how I’ve missed for so long, being as Boards of Canada Orb-esque as it is, but it’s fitting that I post Marumari’s “Searching for the Sasha Wolf” today, after a night of hearing coyotes howl while camping in Wyalusing State Park. Marumari is apparently a one-man-band located in Providence, Rhode Island, one of my favorite cities. And his 2000 The Wolves Hollow is a chill, sonically interesting listen, in the vein of, you guessed it, the aforementioned bands.

Sunbirds: “River Run”

Marumari: “Searching for the Sasha Wolf”

You can buy the albums by clicking on the links above.

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