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You passed the test on Saturday / The Trademark Experience

Thanks go out to all the people who came out to the Cozy Galaxies, Grubby Little Hands, and Bridge Underwater show on Saturday night. You all passed with flying colors. More picture proof can be found at Rockaphilly.com‘s Flickr. And check out Rockaphilly’s indie show listing while you’re at it.

My friend from Wisconsin said, 'Damn. People from Philadelphia are hot.' We know.

Cozy Galaxies

Donnie from Grubby Little Hands

Pat from Bridge Underwater

Speaking of passing tests, this video from Philly’s The Trademark Experience, made to encourage Philly kids to do well on the (funding imperative) PSSA exams, touches all the right places on its way to parodying Fabulous’ “You Be Killin’ Em” [via Philebrity]. Aw.

The Trademark Exeprience, “Fill It In”

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Trademarked Philly Geography

13th and Morris, circa 1967

Philebrity did another Philly focused post yesterday, and it’s full of great stuff. But, given that Noise Narcs’ first post waxed on hip hop, Philadelphia, and the importance of “where you’re from,” I was naturally drawn to Trademark Experience’s “South Philly (You Got To Love It),” with its “13th and Morris” check-in chorus. A great summer jam about a place I love that compares West of Broad drugslingers as tectonic plates because they “move weight and start trouble”: win.

Trademark Experience, “South Philly (You Got to Love It)”

Plus, it gives me the opportunity to talk about how amazing PhillyHistory.org is. Run by the City Archives, it geo and date tags photographs from the city’s treasure trove. It makes finding historical pictures from a neighborhood unbelievably easy (and amazingly addictive). Its blog is also a must-read: a picture book for Philadelphia’s history, covering such topics as “Washington Avenue: A Representative Example of Philly’s Historical Past.” A treat for the nerdy urban historian in all of us. Honest as a promise.

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