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Tropical vacations with jj & Gucci

Philly boy Diplo’s remix of Gucci Mane’s “Dangers Not a Stranger” brings in Jason Waterfalls-esque piano to back up Gucci, taking the hardness of the original and sending it on a vacation. One can only assume to Jamaica. Also, Diplo may have just bought a strip club to go along with his mausoleum. So there’s that.

Gucci Mane, “Dangers not a Stranger” [via The Walrus]

Recently, jj released two very solid new tracks, “Let Go” and “My Way.” I was not blown away by last year’s jj n° 2, but these two tracks make me stoked for jj n° 3 (out March 9) even if “My Way” will never get cleared for release by Lil Wayne and Charles Manson. I’m lucky to be seeing them with fellow ee cummings fans The xx at the sanctuary of the First Unitarian in Philly on March 29 (unfortunately now sold out). Also, Pitchfork, shut up.
jj, “My Way”
jj, “Let Go” [via Stereogum]

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