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Turkey Daze

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  The leaves have been stretching themselves out to catch as many timid autumn rays as possible before turning brittle and brown.  Pilsners and IPAs are giving way to porters and stouts.  Perhaps the hopes of Philadelphia sports fans, ultimately dashed by our beloved Phillies, are beginning to get up again, so that the Eagles may ultimately dash them.

And Americans from coast to coast are preparing to commemorate something by surrounding themselves with family to watch football, talk politics, and (most importantly) gorge themselves stupid with the year’s bountiful harvest.  We’ll feast upon all of the side dishes that made this country great and help ourselves to serving after serving of my least favorite poultry.

Except that this post isn’t about that kind of turkey, it’s about the country that Allen Iverson, strangely, now calls home.  Haha.  Bait and switch.

This past summer, Bouzouki Joe records released Turkish Freakout, an excellent and well-researched compilation of 1970s psych-folk singles, such as Ersen’s 1973 hit, “Gunese Don Cicegim.”

Check it out:

Turkey is often referred to as the meeting point between East and West, a statement verified by this selection of choice Turkish grooves. The western rock, psych, funk and jazz influences that began to be incorporated into traditional Turkish sounds during the late 60s and 70s can be heard here, as the Anadolu pop sound of Turkeyma balanced these new elements with the complex sounds and rhythms developed over many years. All tracks are referenced from their original 7 inch releases, painstakingly tracked down from various sources in and around Istanbul. The marriage of these styles is original, captivating and bound to freak you out.

Ersen, “Gunese Don Cicegim” [Buy Turkish Freakout]

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