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Tyga’s Chilly Raw Cheesteak

There are a lot of reasons to ignore Tyga’s “Really Raw,” from his forthcoming album Careless World. Some real clunkers of lines (which is more cringe-worthy? Tyga’s “Ever seen Piranha? It’s like the movie Jaws again” or Pharrell’s “Watching pornos on the iPad, thats really raw”). Snoop Dogg’s unnecessary presence. Even though he’s at his best, the reminder that The Game is still around. Tyga’s confusing “Chilly raw cheesesteak made up in Philly.” Inquiring minds want to know: which cheesesteak shop is selling raw cheesesteaks? My money’s on Geno’s.

But… Jesus. The way Tyga raps himself around the production. That detuned guitar. The horn hits. Pitchfork calls it “a cocktail bar cover of classic RZA, an almost cartoonish Cuban Linx tribute.” That sounds about right. Against all odds, the Neptunes are back, and they are, iPads or no, really raw.

Tyga, “Really Raw (ft. Pharrell, The Game, Snoop Dogg)” [Buy other Tyga tracks]

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