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Upcoming Shows: Blood Feathers w/ Birdie Busch, Cozy Galaxies

In the next two days, some of Noise Narcs’ favorite Philly acts are playing in Philly. And both have some Noise Narcs connection. And man are we excited.

Tomorrow, 1/20, a Drew Mills and Ben Dickey of Blood Feathers perform a rare, stripped-down set at Philly’s intimate Tin Angel, featuring “material from the Blood Feathers songbook as well as a few surprises.” I wonder who suggested that a stripped-down set at the Tin Angel? And more importantly: Ohboyohboyohboy. Sounds like new material to us. As if that weren’t enough of a draw, charming-as-all-get-out Birdie Busch co-headlines. [Tickets]

Blood Feathers, “Sea Legs” [Buy]

Birdie Busch, “Joey” [Buy]

And tonight, Philly’s Cozy Galaxies (who recently got both WXPN and Philebrity love, not to mention releasing a new video, right ) play at Kung Fu Necktie with Secret Mountains, Clean Equations and Giant Mind. Cozy Galaxies should be no stranger to the Noise Narcs audience, but Baltimore’s Secret Mountains probably need some introduction. Coming from the same rich vein as fellow Poe-citiers Beach House and Lower Dens, they’re a band I’d keep a very close eye on. Starting tonight. Oh, and speaking of Cozy Galaxies, someone floated a rumor that they might be playing a gig on March 19th as well…

Cozy Galaxies, “Dreamer” [Buy]

Secret Mountains, “Rejoice” [Buy]

Ben and Drew of Blood Feathers with Birdie Busch
Thursday, 1/20, 8:30PM @ Tin Angel
20 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA

Giant Mind, Cozy Galaxies, Secret Mountains, Clean Equations
Wednesday, 1/19, 8PM @ Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA

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You’re doing it wrong!

While watching this adorable video, I noticed Jorge Narvaez plays his right-handed guitar left-handedly but also with the strings backwards (treble strings up top, bass strings on the bottom).  Most of the famous left-handers I know of who played right-handed guitars (Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain) flipped their guitars around and then restrung them as a true left-handed instrument with the bass strings on top so that the shapes of chords would not have to be inverted.

I guess the obvious advantage of Jorge’s style is that he can pick up any right-handed guitar and play it without having to restring it.

The only other person I’d seen play that way before was Rick Moranis, believe it or not, in this hilarious SCTV skit, in which he, Eugene Levy, and John Candy cover Chilliwack’s “My Girl” as the punningly-named pre-teen band, “The Recess Monkeys” as part of a public-access fundraising drive.

So my curiosity about the backward-stringers was piqued, and as usual, Wikipedia is up to the challenge.

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The Truth Is…

So its true that I haven’t posted in a while, but the truth is, while I’ve started a number of posts, there hasn’t been a monumental song to inspire me.  That is, until recently.

“Truth” by Alexander (or Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros) is that song. It’s yet to officially be released – word has it that the album will come out sometime this winter (though I’m yet to find a reputable source).  Until then, what follows is a fairly low-quality You-tube version.  There’s a strong Enrico Morricone influence, a trance-inducing cadence, and plenty of NoiseNarc approved whistling.  Enjoy, and be sure to buy the album once it comes out.

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TalkNarc: Philly’s rockingest band, Blood Feathers, answers questions from the road

Previously I’ve mentioned Philly’s Blood Feathers a handful of times on Noise Narcs, but only to castigate myself for not having posted on them. But I’m glad I waited, since guitarist/singer Drew Mills was kind enough to answer a few questions from the road of their Summer’s End tour.

Blood Feathers plays harmonized stompin’ rock with monster hooks, which never veers into dreaded roots rock territory despite influences as far afield as Bo Diddley and classic country. That members of the band have moonlighted in both Bob Wills and Tom Petty cover bands is fitting. Mostly, it’s just good old rock and roll, and we at Noise Narcs can attest that they put on a great show, from their “reunion” show at Johnny Brendas that my not-quite-yet girlfriend and I made out through, to their stunning blast of a ’50s cover gig at Philebrity’s Under the Sea Dance, which was worth every minute of the 40 minute walk in the freezing cold and snow to snag a cab.

Their new album, Goodness Gracious, is a lock for a spot on my top ten of ’10 list and has already become a staple of any Noise Narc road trip. Out now, via Philebrity Label, it comes highly recommend. Stream it for free at Apollo Audio and then buy it (and their equally great debut, Curse and Praise) via the Blood Feathers site.

Blood Feathers, “Don’t Know You at All” [Amazon]
Blood Feathers, “Sugar in Bed” [Amazon]
Blood Feathers, “Sea Legs” (from Curse & Praise) [Amazon]

How did you guys move from two-piece plus help of Curse and Praise to today’s expanded and solidified lineup? And how has that changed the process of writing and recording an album?
Drew Mills: Ben and I had been playin’ together for quite a while before we even considered having other players. Once the music started to grow toward a larger more rock n’ roll vibe, we clearly needed some players. And, fortunatley enough, we found the best players we know, that happened to be our best friends who wanted to play good old rock n’ roll.

Goodness Gracious took me a beat longer to get into, with its lush, dense sound, but has grown on me like a second skin. Was that denser sound a result of the bigger band? What else has moved you into the direction?
DM:Definitely a result of the added fellas. There’s a limit to what two dudes can do. Pretty much the sky is the limit with a full ensemble. “Touch the sky BLUE MOUNTAIN.”
[Natives of the Delaware Valley will remember ads from the area’s closest ski

Back in March, PhillyBurbs claimed that your next release would be a Christmas album, coming out, well, soon. Any truth to that?
DM: There was talk…

Best Philly bar, non-band owned/employed-at division: Kurt’s half of the 700. [Blood Feathers’ multi-instrumentalist Tracy Stanton owns the other half]

Best Philly bar, non-Port Fishington/Northern Liberties division: Surf n’ turf, West Philly, but only when the flyers are doin’ well. [Well, I thought we at Noise Narcs had a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of Philly bars but we’re stumped. -Ed]

More answers after the jump, including Blood Feathers’ Ethan Hawke connection…

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Letter to Paul

Dear Mr. McCartney,

Because you seem to have forgotten (with one exception), this is how it’s done.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

P.S. Isn’t our name pretty cool? Better than “Wings,” huh?
P.P.S. In case you’re interested, you can buy our Horse Power EP on Amazon.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., “Simple Girl” [via Altered Zones]

Update: Forgot to mention. This track continues Noise Narcs’ promise about posting awesome songs with whistling. See more here.

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Noise Narcs Promise (Whistling): White Fence

Pitchfork has started a new mega-blog, Altered Zones, which is taking posts from some of the best music blogs* focusing on “small-scale DIY music.”

And hey, there’s a neat song that involves whistling on it. I know nothing about White Fence, so go ahead Weekly Tape Deck:

While best recognized for his work as the frontman for Darker My Love (and as the background singer for The Strange Boys), it’s Tim Presley’s solo exploits that have been keeping our phono needles busy. His debut under the moniker White Fence is absolute ramshackle-scatterbrain-chaos, revealing an equal affinity for the acid-soaked psychedelia of Syd-era Floyd and the noise-caked post-punk of The Fall (see Reformation Post TLC).

Indeed. I’m hearing yogi-era Beatles on this one. And most importantly: brief whistling at the minute mark. Promise-keepers!

White Fence, “I’ll Follow You”

* with more than three readers, which is the only reason we didn’t qualify.

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Noise Narc Promise: Whistling, 19-Year-Old Edition

Making good on passing along any awesome songs we come by that involve whistling, here’s 19-year-old Brooklyn-ite-via-Tacoma Oberhofer’s “Away Frm U.” Much of the song has a Kurt Vile vibe with more percussive punch. But then, wait for it, wait for it… bam! Whistling at the two minute mark! Gets me every time. No kid his age should be able to whistle with this cracking intensity or craft a song this good.


Super Important Update: At least one more song of theirs (“I Could Go”) involves whistling! Swoon! Check out their MySpace.

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Noise Narcs Promise: Whistling

I’m a child of the 80s, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. New Wave, for the most part, isn’t my thing. But you know what is my thing?


And this song, from neo-New Wave Brooklyn group The Drums whose debut album dropped today, has it in spades. Even better: it’s surf rock. So another Noise Narcs promise: awesome songs that involve whistling (no, I’m not looking at you Juelz Sanatana).

Update: Sorry about the funky link. Song should work now.
The Drums, “Let’s Go Surfing”

See also: Blood Feathers’ “Sea Legs” (have I really not posted on Blood Feathers? Unacceptable.), Peter, Bjorn, and John’s “Young Folks”, and everything from this Spinner list except the Paul Simon. And wet your whistle in the comments with other whistling songs.

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