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Music from America’s Dairyland / Scott Walker: Governor vs. Singer

Before this month, I had never heard of Eau Claire, WI (motto: “Voici, l’eau claire!” or “Look, clear water!”), but two bands native to this clearly watered place have put out debut recordings that made their way onto my radar screen:

Revery is the debut EP by Johanne Swanson, who performs as Yohuna. True to its title, it’s a collection of contemplative-yet-catchy tracks. I keep changing my mind on which one is my favorite, but right now it’s “It’s All Yours.”

Yohuna, “It’s All Yours” [Buy].

You can also get this last track for free on yvynyl’s new mixtape.

Yohuna also appears in Moro‘s debut recording, “Embers.” Nolan Thomas and Daniel Smith, also of Eau Claire, have been performing as Moro for over a year, but they just released “Embers” this month. It starts with a soft, primordial howl, which leads into six minutes of melancholy-whimsical layers of sound. Lyrically, its childlike, escapist passages (“And when we hide away, We’ll find homes in rocks and clay”), are balanced by darker, more mature pronouncements (“We’ll break our bones again just to say: We’re embers caught aflame”).

Moro, “Embers” [Download free]


David G here. Seeing as this is a post about Wisconsin, it’d be a shame not to register a protest against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who is attempting to take away the bargaining rights of WI’s public employee unions (something Yohuna herself has protested against on her Tumbler). I can think of no better way to object to Scott Walker’s policy than with Scott Walker himself:

We came through
We came riding through like warriors from afar
Haunted by our visions framed in fire

Fire the guns, and salute the men who died for freedom’s sake
And we’ll weep tonight, but we won’t lie awake
Gazing up at statues dressed as stars.

Scott Walker, “We Came Through” [Buy]

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